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A luxury apartment located in the beautiful Baroque city of Catania, while two out-of-town outbuildings with spacious outdoor spaces and complete relaxation.


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Barone di Villagrande


The Barone di Villagrande company allows enthusiasts and the curious to visit their vineyards and the historic cellars of Etna. It is possible to follow guided tastings and taste the dishes of the Etnean cuisine in combination with our wines. On the farm it is also possible to buy our wines. Furthermore, in our restaurant you can taste the flavors of the territory.

The menu is exquisitely seasonal, followed in detail by our starred chef Accursio Craparo and taken care of by the hands and energy of our chef Vittorio Caruso. We take the ingredients from our organic garden: vegetables and aromatic herbs.

The oil is our Nocellara dell’Etna extra virgin olive oil. Meats and cheeses come from Etna farms. Chestnut honey is made by bees in our woods. The ideas come from Vittorio, a young “chef” who loves this land like the flavors of him.

It is possible to choose the tour you prefer from the 4 proposals

1. WINE TASTING: our selection of five wines for tasting accompanied by various tastings linked to the Sicilian tradition in combination. COST: € 25.00 per person DURATION: approximately 1.30h. Available from 11.00 to 17.00. Tours start every 30 minutes from 11.00 to 13.00, for subsequent tours a time must be agreed.

2. WINE TASTING & LUNCH: our selection of five wines for tasting accompanied by a complete lunch, it is possible to agree in advance the menu based on the seasonal products available in our Organic Garden and in the Etna area. COST: € 45.00 per person DURATION about 3.00h. Available from 12.00 to 15.00. Tours start every 30 minutes from 11.00 to 13.00.

3. WINE TASTING AND VISIT OF THE VINEYARD: our selection of five wines for tasting accompanied by various tastings linked to the Sicilian tradition in combination and a visit to our vineyard. COST: € 50.00 per person DURATION 3: 30/4: 00h approximately. The tour starts at 10.30, weather conditions must be taken into account.

4. WINE TASTING WITH LUNCH AND VISIT OF THE VINEYARD: our selection of five wines for tasting accompanied by local dishes paired with wines and a visit to our vineyard. COST: € 70.00 per person DURATION 4.00 H approx. The tour starts at 10.30, weather conditions must be taken into account.

Reservations are required for all tours.

We create unique and intriguing taste experiences


We are the wine we make

We are young, fresh in spirit and energy, we work together with pleasure, with the desire to create something new from the centuries-old roots of

an estate on the slopes of Etna. We have been growing vineyards on Etna since 1727. Day after day the vineyards extend their roots in the earth. The wines

they mature over time and people are also refined in the territory. Our family has grown in 10 generations on Etna.


Etna Bianco DOC Superiore - € 16.00
The emblem of Villagrande taste

It is said that Sicily is a land of contrasts, and so is this wine. The scent lets you understand dry, clear sensations, softened by floral and white pulp fruit notes. Instead, at the first sip it is fresh and direct, at the same time enveloping.


Etna Rosso DOC - € 16.00
A wine with many stories to tell

Etna is a world apart in not only Sicilian but Mediterranean enology. The heat of the South is combined with the mists, temperature variations, frequent rains, in short, there is a hint of the great North in these wines. It is perceived in delicately fruity, herbaceous and woody tones, softened by the chestnut barrels in which this wine rests for 1 year.


Etna Rosato DOC - € 16.00
The lying volcano colored in pink.

The first emotion is visual: the color that from powder pink turns to intense warm yellow evokes sunny sensations. Its freshness glides lightly on the various flavors ..

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